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Chocolate is the leading flavour in everything from cakes, desserts, puddings to ice-cream and confectionery. Why is that, do you ask? It is because it not only tastes delicious, it seems it is now also good for you! Here are…
Suggest-Sell promotions, or up selling is something as simple as asking, “Do You Want Chips With That?” While many businesses, specifically restaurants encourage their sales staff to promote extra items like desserts to customers, most waiters/waitresses and sales reps fail…
Need some sweet talk? How’s this – our cakes are getting bigger. How much bigger?


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    South Africa
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About Us

Brenell Quality Desserts provide you with products of unsurpassed quality and exceptional moreish taste. Our tradition of incorporating the highest quality ingredients is the foundation for our successful line of wholesale frozen desserts and cakes, enjoyed in some of the finest hotels, cafes, restaurants and now… by you.