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Mmmore Cake...

Need some sweet talk? How’s this – our cakes are getting bigger.
How much bigger?

20% bigger!
This means you’re getting a whole lot mmmore for your money.

We only use the finest, freshest ingredients. Two eggs are better than one.

Quality ingredients make tastier products. The proof is in the pudding.

Eat more, serve more or save more, the choice is yours. We’re just giving you more to work with. Everyone knows that there is no such thing as too much cake. Let them eat it!


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  • Units 14&15
    36 Yarborough Rd
    Pietermaritzburg KZN 3212
    South Africa
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  • (+27) 033 386 8035
  • (+27) 082 801 6003


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About Us

Brenell Quality Desserts provide you with products of unsurpassed quality and exceptional moreish taste. Our tradition of incorporating the highest quality ingredients is the foundation for our successful line of wholesale frozen desserts and cakes, enjoyed in some of the finest hotels, cafes, restaurants and now… by you.